Hair Care Information

How to use Thirsty Roots® Apricot Castor Oil


How to Seal in Moisture in 3 STEPS

These 3 SIMPLE STEPS to seal (lock) in moisture using Thirsty Roots® Apricot Castor Oil, can help to achieve soft moisture-rich hair.

STEP 1 – Wash & Condition

Cleanse and condition your hair and scalp In order for the moisture to penetrate well and last, its best to start with hair and scalp that has no product build up.

STEP 2 – Moisturize

Moisturize your hair (best in sections) with a water-based moisturizer such as a leave-in conditioner or a hair milk.

STEP 3 – Seal

Seal in the moisture by lightly applying Thirsty Roots® Apricot Oil (best in sections as you moisturize).