Thirsty Roots® Detangle & Comb Hair Pick

Thirsty Roots® Detangle & Comb Hair Pick is crafted out of nature as a work of art, with the lasting soothing smell of sandalwood.

Designed to efficiently groom the hair with less damage, this wooden hair pick is made out of 100% Green Sandalwood. The natural wood fibers of the pick helps to stimulate blood circulation of the scalp, while distributing oils through out the hair.

***Note: This product is made out of natural wood, therefore, each hair pick is uniquely made and does not look identical.

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  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Reduces hair fall and breakage
  • Great tool to massage scalp
  • Enhances shine to hair
  • Eco-friendly natural material
  • Prevents static infused hair

Stimulates Hair Growth

Hair follicles in the scalp gets essential nutrients when blood circulation is stimulated. During this process, sebum is regulated, impurities gets eliminated, and hair growth is promoted.
A wooden comb creates an environment for a healthy scalp.  Therefore, a healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair.

Reduces Hair Fall and Breakage

You can safely use a wooden comb while blow drying your hair because wood does not conduct heat. This will reduce the risk of overheating the hair and causing damage.

Great Tool to Massage the Scalp

Due to the broad range of acupressure points in the scalp, combing with a wooden comb can stimulate blood flow while massaging the scalp.

Enhances Shine to Hair

The natural wood fibers from the wooden comb aid in conditioning the hair. It is important for the natural sebum oil produced from the scalp to travel down from roots to ends of the hair.
Wooden combs distribute the oils more efficiently through the hair. Due to this distribution, the comb moves oils along the length of the hair and makes it shinier.

Eco-friendly Natural Material that Prevents Static

Using plastic combs can generate damaging static electricity in the hair. However, combs made of wood don’t conduct electricity and protects the hair from the damage it causes.

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Dimensions 7 × 3 × .25 in

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